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Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to use your various weapons to get through as many levels as possible. Each level is procedurally generated and ends when all of the enemies have been killed. Once you've cleared a level you will be taken to the shop which allows you to spend money you've earnt by killing enemies on upgrades. These include buying more health and upgrading the number of moves you have each turn.


  • Pistol
    • This weapon does 1 damage and can hit enemies up to 3 tiles away. It costs 2 moves to use making it ideal for killing enemies far away.
  • Knife
    • This weapon also does 1 damage and costs 2 energy. However it has 1 range which is balanced out by the fact that on top of it hitting the tile you've selected it also hits the tiles either side. This makes it effective at crowd control and can really help get you out of a pinch!
  • Push  (Personal favourite)
    • This costs 1 energy to use and also only has one range. It pushes enemies up to 2 tiles and doesn't damage the enemies. It can however kill them if the tile they happen to land on is a water tile. This will result in an instant kill making it very effective if used correctly. If not it's still fun to push Steve's "friends" around :)


Display enemy info - Hover over enemy when move button is selected

Move - press move button

Other attacks - press corresponding buttons

Rotate camera - use E to go left and Q to go right

Select tiles - LMB

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Steve's Adventure.zip 20 MB
Steve's adventure documentation.pdf 374 kB


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Always appreciate a turn based game and really liked what you did here . It was nice to see that in your documentation you kept the "problems faced" section separate from the technical decisions part. It would be nice to have a numerical value of moves we have left on the screen (I think its a must), because creates confusion whether player has a move left or not.Although red tiles do indicate that no more moves are left . The hit colliders on the zombies are too small , nearly at the feet.

Cool game , I enjoyed playing it . <3

I'm glad and yeah I had issues with the hitboxes where at certain orientations you could hover over the zombie fine but at others it didn't seem to work. I realised there was no movement counter after I submitted which was a bit of an oversight but sadly won't have time to change it :( thanks for the feedback I appreciate it!